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How To Increase Voter Turnout in Families

This will come as a surprise, but a good number of western countries continue to experience low voter turnouts. It will come as a surprise revelation, but many countries that have experienced a lot of wars, and civil strives continue to face higher voter turnouts. Take an example of the United States of America, for example, with a voter turnout of about 47% they are way behind countries that have faced a lot of wars such as Afghanistan. This is possibly the reason why many people in the United States continue to be distrustful of politicians; this is also possibly the reason why the United States continues to experience difficulties in implementing national health care systems that are uniform.

votingThe political systems in the United States tend to show that the institutions tend more towards the rich and the powerful at the expense of the middle class and the poor. As a result, there is widespread voter apathy owing to the fact that many people belong to the poor and the middle class. It is a well-known fact those richer and more influential people who are often older are more likely to vote compared to younger more liberal-minded youth. This is because they have vested an interest, and as such they will most likely vote for the conservatives. The younger generations will tend towards liberals and Democrats but due to their being engrossed in other issues, they rarely vote.  The younger generation is also more inclined to do things electronically, such as using online voting software or trying to figure out how online voting would work.  The highest voter apathy occurs among the working class and the poor, and this is why there continues to be a significant amount of discontent despite the amount of democratic gains this country has achieved over the centuries.

In this regard, many will ask what the best ways to curb voter apathy and increase voter turnout will be. Well, one of the most effective and perhaps controversial one is to have compulsory voting among the populations. These are done in countries such as Australia and Brazil, and although this may present another problem, one can argue that it indeed curbs voter apathy. The other will be ensuring that those who cannot vote as a result of job-related issues are allowed to. One of the best ways to do this is to make the voting day a national holiday. Those who normally have a difficulty showing up in poll stations as a result of job-related issues will definitely show up.

The other and perhaps one that might be difficult to implement is allowing people to vote by internet. If this can be successfully pulled, subsequently it will be revolutionary and as such, many people will, subsequently be able to vote. Once a company that has been promoting the online voting is EZ Vote Online, which handles these elections. These methods may not present the best ways to increase voter turnouts, but as you look at each event one of them, there is some substance that can be successfully argued in favor of.


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