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Painting Your Roof With Rhino Shield

Taking care of your roofing system doesn’t need to be a strenuous job, and numerous homeowners opt to repaint their roofs with Rhino Shield ceramic paint in order to provide protection against the elements. If you do not want to take on the time, energy, and danger involved in painting your own roof, then you should hire a Super Shield painter in Annapolis Junction to paint your roof. Not only can repainting your roof help you with maintenance, but it also has the included benefit of allowing you to develop a makeover for your house without the expensive cost of replacing your tiles. Whether you’re looking to give your home a remodeling, or you want to protect your roof tiles, repainting your roofing system can do both. If you are considering hiring an Annapolis Junction painting company, then go to If you’re considering repainting your roofing system, right here are some pointers to assist get you began:

Cleaning the roof

The first step in preparing your roofing system for painting is to clean the surface completely using a pressure washer. This will certainly eliminate any moss or other particles and leave your tiles devoid of dirt and mold. It will also enable you to see if there are any tiles that are split or broken.

Repairing the roofing

If, after cleaning, you see any tiles in need of repair or replacement, this needs to be done prior to painting. If your roofing system is metal, it is necessary to remove all traces of corrosion at this phase. Any ridge or brink pointing needed must also be carried out and left for 24 hours to ensure that all locations are entirely dry. Finally, a proper fungicide should be put on in order to avoid the regrowth of mold.

It deserves noting that raising tiles after your roofing has actually been painted is not suggested, and so it’s a good idea to check for other flaws or potential issues prior to painting (e.g.,. felt work, birds nests, rotten woods).

Painting the roof

rhino shield paintThe roofing system surface area has to be entirely dry prior to repainting with Rhino Shield, so it pays to examine the weather report! It’s likewise crucial to take the needed security preventative measures such as using safety clothes and making sure that your workspace is safe. Working at height is constantly possibly unsafe and if you’re a complete newbie, consider leaving it to the professionals. This kind of job must never ever be tried on a windy day or when exposure is poor.

Guarantee that the ceramic paint you pick is a real roofing system paint; it must come with a ten year assurance. This will avoid water from penetrating and soaking into your roof tiles, triggering it instead to form into little droplets and move off. When you have actually selected a good quality roofing paint, be prepared to provide the area at least 2 coats, enabling it to dry thoroughly between.


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