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The 3 best massage chairs in the industry Panasonic massage chair EP MA73

That is a highly designed chair with a soft texture and has a sleek surface of the synthetic leather. It can form two pair of seats through folding the armrest, fastening the headrest and rolling the ottoman in a circular manner to hide the foot massage. When you sit on the chair, the body is visualized by an improved pressure sensor technology. The equipment then produces a chart of your back and provides a massage according to the structure of your spinal cord. The massage rollers move up and down through your body with a slow pace to make you feel comfortable. massage chair compare

The rollers are advanced in technology such that they offer humanistic massages with some being around the neck, head, and back of your body. The chair also has an airbag compression massage which contains 33 airbags that are evenly circulated. Across the foot area of the seat, there are 3D airbags that help an individual to massage the pain of the feet. In order to lower the stress range and enhance relaxation, the chair has six programs which can assist and remedy the situation.

Osaki massage chair OS 4000

The chair has zero gravity technology, creative airbag methods and also computer body scans equipment. The chair has been recognized as prominent since Osaki started in 1937. This set comprises two rollers that have a human feeling to analyze the curve of the spinal cord. After knowing this information, it will assist to know what kind of massage is supposed to be done. The zero gravity machinery allows you to be in a stable position to recline your back and move your legs and feet upwards. Through this technique, it is able to lower the pressure of the spinal cord, back, and heart.

According to its innovated airbag, it is covered on the surface to build an air massage that makes an individual feel relaxed. The heat therapy is utilized in the lower back area of the seat. The chair is well structured such that it has an auto leg analyzer and makes remedies to host the leg size. There are two controllers on the chair. One controller is used to choose the massage alternatives. The other one is a wireless remote that permits you to handle the major role of the seat. The chair has five stages of speed and intensity.

The Infinity massage chair Riage X3

Developed with an exterior design and improved massage method; it is 49 inches long making it the only chair that provides the longest massage stroke in the whole sector. The stroke is able to access the interior muscles in the body and also provides a weightless moment. Through its enhanced technique, an individual can get long massage strokes from the cervical spine to the lumber.

It was technically built to offer massage throughout the entire body. It consists of a heat treatment which assists to eliminate tension from the muscles and make a person ready for soothing bodywork. When you want your feet to feel calm, there is a reflexology that the seat offers. Every foot is enclosed by eight airbags and three rolling massages that are located on the need for this service. The chair comprises an inbuilt Bluetooth system which allows individuals to listen to calm music while relaxing.


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